miércoles, 1 de febrero de 2012

Bucket List

Learn how ride a bike (♥)
Have a pet(♥)
Act (♥)
Rubiks Cube(♥)
Take the lead in a ballet performance (♥)
Roller skate backwards(♥)
English (♥)
Do a wheelie on a skateboard (kind of :/)
5 Languages before I'm 20 (I'm 26 and NOPE)
Play a musical instrument...DonkeyJaw counts? (♥)
Get in a the basketball team (♥)
Be a Chef
Become fluent in French (+)
Read 20 books in one year (♥)
Go to bag packing to the South (♥)
Take one of my paintings to a Gart Gallery! ((♥) even sell it!)
Nazca Lines, Peru
Teach Spanish in a foreign country (♥)
Notre Dame Cathedral...Montreal tho (♥)
Do the WHOLE Eurotrip!
Germany. Auschwitz
Be a Volunteer in a disaster(♥♥)
Machu Picchu, Peru
Get a University Degree (♥)
Get a Master even better PHD
Play football (♥)
Learn to ski (♥) Cross-country ski (♥)
Run a/or half-marathon
Bungeee Jumping! ..nevermind!
Get a Job I like...sigh!
The Serengeti, Tanzania
Australia/SydneyOpera House
Panama/Panama Channel.
Greece/ Parthenon and Acropolis .
Brazil , Carnival and Christ Redeemer,
Cross-country Motorcycle Trip (terrible consequences hahaha) ♥
Bike La Route Verte in Canada
Become a vegetarian for a lil while
Have a child.

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Jaime dijo...

Veo que no se te quitan las ganas de jiñar :v